"A TOUCH OF MOONLIGHT is a delightful and heartwarming romance with a delicious folklore twist. Yaffa Santos weaves an engaging tale about discovering new love while balancing family expectations, work life, and a magical secret."  -Sarah Echavarre Smith, author of Faker and Simmer Down

“A perfectly seasoned novel, Santos has blended fantastical folklore with reality in the tastiest of ways–complete with lovable characters, a heartfelt romance, brilliantly balanced pacing, and engaging prose. A delicious and magical read– recipes included.” -Samantha Vérant, author of The Secret French Recipes of Sophie Valroux

"This voraciously readable novel has it all: culture, romance, and a delightful cast of characters you can’t help but fall in love with! If you’re looking for a feel-good narrative full of heart and humor, “A Touch of Moonlight” hits that mark."  -Zara Raheem, author of The Marriage Clock and The Retreat

"A Touch of Moonlight is that magic breed of rom-com that will leave readers’ hearts and bellies equally full." -Booklist

"Santos’ second novel offers a unique spin on a Dominican myth, presenting a ciguapa as someone who longs for love and security rather than a “siren-like” creature who lures men to their deaths." -Kirkus Reviews

"Larimar’s journey to accepting her ciguapa identity is admirable, and the recipes between chapters are a treat for baking enthusiasts. . .Santos’s fans will find plenty to enjoy." -Publishers Weekly

Larimar Cintrón works hard at three things: her job as brand manager for Beacon Café, a New York based corporate bakery chain; taking care of her parents and her abuela; and hiding that she’s a ciguapa—a mythical creature of Dominican folklore with long, straight hair and backwards-facing feet. Larimar may only be a ciguapa on full moons, but she feels like an outsider in her family the rest of the month too. Her love of ’90s punk rock music and style further sets her apart. But when her best friend introduces her to Ray, a bakery owner and fellow punk rock lover, Larimar thinks she may have finally found someone with whom she can be her true self.

As Beacon’s brand manager, Larimar oversees all new location openings, including its newest store in New Jersey, which could be the project that finally lands her a coveted promotion. But when she discovers the location is right across from Ray’s bakery, Borrachitos, Larimar is torn between impressing her boss and saving Ray’s business.

As Larimar continues to grow closer to Ray and the new store’s opening looms, she struggles to hide the truth about herself and her job. But embracing her magical nature may be the only way Larimar can have everything she wants.

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